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Annual Theme «Mental health»

An open and welcoming space

We have selected mental health as the guiding theme for the year 2022/2023. Alongside numerous partners from the worlds of humanitarian action, culture and research, we explore ideas and techniques that can be applied in day-today life.

For our programming cycle, we will give carte blanche to various contemporary artists, host co-creation projects, deliver mental-health first-aid courses for the public, hold a series of events on mental health in the humanitarian sector, offer “emergency yoga” classes, and run guided tours with two experts in emotion.

In doing so, the Museum will reaffirm its role as an open, welcoming space that invites conversations about mental health, brings communities together and transforms knowledge into action.

A space for discussion, debate and creative thinking

The Museum aims to be a space for discussion, debate and creative thinking on what is happening within the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, the cultural scene and day-to-day life.

In keeping with this aim, every year, we select an important societal issue as the guiding theme for our programming cycle, using our exhibitions, events, publications and online content as a way to learn with and alongside our visitors and the general public.

Whenever people are debating important issues in wider society, we should be talking about them at the Museum, too,” said Pascal Hufschmid, our executive director.

Re-examining our vulnerabilities

What can the Museum do to promote well-being and break the stigma surrounding mental illness?

A long-time issue in the humanitarian sector, mental health has risen to the top of the public agenda over the past two years under the combined influence of the COVID-19 pandemic and the climate emergency. We are playing our part by inviting experts from all walks of life to share practical insights.

The Year of Mental Health will place the issue of care – for oneself and for others – front and centre.

And while it will not be possible to cover every angle, the Museum will seek to explore different avenues and give space to diverse voices on this complex subject.

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